Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friday Night Madness

One Friday each month Scrapbook City holds a crop on their premises till midnight.It is very easy to spend loads of money as you are surrounded by beautiful and interesting product whilst scrapping. I enjoy the social atmosphere of these nights but struggle with creativity as my ideas usually come to me in the middle of the night.

These are a couple of LO I did at a Friday night crop when I first started going to them.

SeriousTractor Business

Late last year I purchased a Cricut Expression. These were the first letters cut from it. I love using my Cricut but still have a lot to learn. Photos are Lucas on his tractor which I bought the boys for Christmas 2008.

Beautiful Boy

A very early LO of Lucas as a baby.

Brilliant Winner

Last night I attempted to tidy my scrapping room but got side tracked doing a quick LO. This is a multi photo LO of Noah.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Couple of Early ones done of Lucas

These are a couple of my very first attempts at this craft.

About A Boy

This is one of my old favourites- especially the photos. Noah having a great time at the Rocks Roverside Park water play area. He always starts off with clothes but as he gets wet they come off.

Bottoms Up

Kids are amazing these days as they love to pose for photos because they can view them on the screen immediately with digital cameras. This photo is the boys hamming up for the camera.

I have entered this LO in the monthly kit challenge at Scrapbook City. I copied the flag idea from a recent one of Pam's. Thanks Pam for the idea.

My Dogs

I did this one some time ago. I was really experimenting with some glitter and I liked the background paper. The journal tells the story of the dogs which the boys cart with them everywhere. Will be a memory jog for them when they get older. Noah is quite concerned at the moment with the holes his dog has developed from wear and tear and had them stuck up with band aids.


This LO was done at the same class as the one which follows with Chris. I really like the pink and chocolate colours together.


Have had a few spare minutes today to do some more photos of my LOs so here is one I did of Chris from a class at the Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big Boys Toys

This has been done for a sketch challenge at Scrapbook City. I have experimented with Glimmer Mist for the first time which has given some of the lettering and frame an oily look to match the theme. The photos were taken at Ryan and Beth's parents farm the morning after their wedding.

The Scotsman

I have just completed this one of Ian (circa 1974). It has been submitted in a Sydney challenge so I am starting to spread my wings.


I have just started to enjoy some stamping so I used the left overs from my Mother's Day challenge kit and created this one of Lucas and Olivia. I love it.


This is another challenge that I won. This was a kit challenge and because it was pretty product and around Mother's Day I decided to do the three generations of mothers in our family. For the record there is 25 years difference between each generation.

Crown Jewels

I have just completed this monotone. I love the greens. This has been submitted for a Scrapbook Creations Magazine challenge. However I am not sure that I have understood the challenge correctly. Will have to wait and see. The photo is Olivia and Angela taking at Happy Day Kindergarten 1979. Just seems like yesterday.

Noah and his Ark

I love this one of Noah and his very own Ark. Had intended to submit it in a challenge but missed the deadline.

More of the Love Theme

Once I got the hang of the pinks reds and hearts etc I did this one of the boys and Olivia.

The Romantic Challenge

This is a recent challenge that I won. The requirement was to have 75% of the page red or pink, a series of hearts from one side of page to the other and the words "I love you".The pic is Ian looking pretty good for a 63 year old.

Friday, June 27, 2008

There is a Big Wide World Out There

This is my first entry in a challenge and I won. Thanks to Scrapbook City for their award. This is a picture of my Grandson Lucas peeping over the fence checking out the world from the safety of the fence.